Stephen is one of the pioneers of mindfulness training in Brazil. Based in São Paulo, and with a background in meditation practice and its applications that began in Dublin in the early 90’s, he is now working in hospital settings and in businesses in the São Paulo region and throughout Brazil.

His work is all about helping clients to use mindfulness skills to develop sustainable awareness, especially in times of difficulty. Stephen has worked with a wide range of individuals and groups, including 3M (Brazil), SESI, the Tribunal Regional Federal, Terra Viva, the Albert Einstein Hospital,  Coelce, UNIFESP and Projeto Vagalume.

For a number of years he worked as the mindfulness instructor in the Integrative Medicine Department of the Oncology Unit at Hospital Albert Einstein, where he led courses with patients and with staff. Now he is resident Mindfulness teacher at the Emilio Ribas hospital in São Paulo. This hands-on experience has led him to be involved in various research projects focused on mindfulness and its benefits, and on teaching mindfulness in organisations. He is the Head of Learning at the São Paulo branch of Alain de Botton’s “The School of Life”.

As a European living for 14 years in Brazil, Stephen has had to learn to take a 'jazz' approach to life - serving the music of what is happening right now, rather than trying to make everything perfect and under control!